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August 25, 2017

Bad leggings - everyone has at least one pair.  Leggings that lied.  Lied about their look, their fit, their fabric, their quality.

Leggings that suck.

We've seen a lot of them.  We test every legging we sell, and reject 3 for every one that we carry.  You'd think that leggings manufacturers would learn, but some just keep pumping out the same junk year after year.  

We've learned who to stay away from, but still we get a few that fail when we get them in our hands.

We thought you'd enjoy seeing how they fail.

Bad delivery.

The first thing we look for is the time it takes us to get the leggings from the factory.  Typical delivery times should run about 2  weeks.  If a factory fails on their commitment to get the product in our hands, we can't sell it to you!

Bad fabric

There are several different types of fabric commonly used in leggings.  We also look for anti-microbial, and quick drying fabric.  But occasionally, someone tries to slip in some fabric that is cheap, feels scratchy, or is too thin (bend over test fail) to be considered.  Again, to the trash they go!  And you'll never see them on our site.

Bad stitching

Stitching typically is not a problem in and of itself - unless they use a bad thread that breaks when we put the leggings on, or the cut is so tight that the fabric pulls away from the stitching, leading to a horrible looking seam.  Buh-bye!

Bad Fit

Out of all the different ways leggings can fail, fit is the one we run into most often.  We eliminate most leggings when we get the size charts.  Seriously, they look like they are sized for little children.

If they pass the size chart test, we have our testers check for snug fit, but not too tight.  We also look for bunching behind knees, and make sure they are cut appropriately for the wearer.  Sometimes sizes run small or large, and if the leggings are otherwise good, we let you know when you see them at the store.  It's important to check the size charts and check our article Leggings Sizes, Explained.  

Once they pass all our tests, only then are leggings considered to be worthy to be presented to you.  There's a lot of bad leggings out there, but there are a lot of good ones as well, and we're proud to be able to bring them to you!

Oh, one last thing.  We see leggings we have tested and rejected on our competitors sites all. the. time.  Kind of makes you wonder if they are there to take care of you, or just for a quick buck.  Oh, well.  

Thanks For Reading!