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August 15, 2017

All the different colored lenses we offer are very cool, and they give you a lot of ways to create the perfect look for you.

But there's more to colored lenses than looks alone.  The right colored lens are fun, chic and very functional.  They really can help your vision's performance as an athlete, spectator, or just walking around.

Tinted lenses can reduce glare, improve contrast, and enhanced depth perception. When performance is your top priority, the right lens tint can give you the results you want.

Here's a quick guide to what you can expect for each lens color.  Remember, the lens color is just the one step in the process of creating your sunglasses.  Many of our sunglasses have up to 8 separate coatings on them, and different lens colors are only part of how scientists tune them.  There is some overlap in capabilities, so don't be surprised if more than one color can work for you.

Here are the different lens colors, and what they do:

Green Lenses

  • Shows all colors most evenly
  • Dims glare and enhances vision and contrast in shadowed areas
  • Good general purpose choice
  • Good choice for rain or shine

Copper Lenses

  • Good general purpose choice
  • Reduces glare 
  • Good for driving, powersports, fishing, spectating

Brown Lenses

  • Enhances visual contrast
  • Enhances depth perception
  • Good for boating, tennis, golf
  • Good for partly cloudy to sunny conditions

Silver Mirror Lenses

  • Good for varying light
  • Good for fishing, river activities
  • Good for partly cloudy to sunny conditions

    Yellow Lenses

    • Enhances clarity on fog, haze, or low light conditions
    • Filters out blue light to assist in focus
    • Good for skiing, mountain biking, aviation
    • Good for foggy or hazy conditions, also for early sunrise and late sunset 

    Blue and Purple Lenses

    • Reduces glare
    • Helps to see contours
    • Good for spectating and golf
    • Good for full sun

    Gray Lenses

    • Good general purpose choice
    • Anti-fatigue
    • True color perception
    • Reduces glare - especially off water
    • Good for driving, baseball, tennis, water sports, all outdoor activities

    Red Lenses

    • Enhances visual depth while reducing eye strain
    • Provides good road and track visibility
    • Easy on your eyes, helps adjust contrast
    • Good in most weather, especially snow


    The bottom line is that these are just guidelines, and that everyone's different.  If you like a certain color and it's working for you, than go for it!  You should wear what works best for you.  But keep the above guidelines in mind while shopping and see if they might help you get the most from your sunglasses.

    Thanks for reading!