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July 25, 2017

When you are looking for sunglasses, it's easy to get off the path to the perfect shades for your style.  No Problem!  We're here to help you navigate through the dozens (and growing) of choices we have for you to choose from.  Once you read this, choosing your new favorite pair will be a piece of cake (mmmm, cake).

Best way to start is to work with what you got.  I mean your face.  As in your face's shape.  We all have one, and there are 5 basic shapes.

The best way to find your face shape is on WikiHow - click hereto see.  don't worry, we'll be here when you get back.

OK, so now you know you have one of the basic shapes below.  Let's see where you should start shopping for your new sunglasses:

Here are our picks for the best shades for you:

Everyone: Aviators

Basically, aviators work pretty good for everyone. The curved lenses and linear lines of the brow bar contrast with each other and balance out the look.  Metal frames contribute a bit of sparkle without overwhelming.  Basically, these are the go anywhere, do anything safe choice.  But we might be able to do better than that.  

Oval Face: Round

If you have an oval face your shape can really work with most sunglasses.  This shape can cater to most glasses because your face shape is relatively even from top to bottom.  The only shades that generally don’t work for this shape is overly large. Try Aviators, Butterfly's, or Shields long as they fit your face.

Square Face: Round + Oversize

Those of us with square faces are usually characterized by a strong jaw line and broad forehead. The length of face is similar to the width of face.  You want to look for rounder features to work with your strong facial lines. 

Round Face: Square or Rectangular

Round faces are curvy and less angular. Round faces are usually easy to determine. If you have a round face, the widest part is at your cheeks and ears. On this face shape, try sunglasses that do not have curved features. This will slim the face instead of emphasizing your facial curves. Square or rectangular glasses should be your starting point.


Heart Shape: Cat Eye or Butterfly

Heart shaped faces are sometimes called triangular, but we like heart better. Wider at the hairline and temple, this facial look narrows out at the bottom of the face with a sharper chin. Cat eyed or butterfly shaped glasses are a perfect fit for this face shape. Try sunglasses with a round edge, which will elongate your face and will highlight your features.

Oblong Face: Wayfairer or Oversize

Oblong faces, also called rectangular, are long and narrow with few angles. An oblong face works especially well with oversized sunglasses. Also, larger wayfarer or rectangular lenses and sunglasses with thick frames add width to a long face.

Good to Know:

There are some other points you should know about to fine tune your sunglass selection.  For instance, egg-shaped lenses can balance out a strong jaw. And thick, bold frames look particularly pretty on oval-shaped faces. 

All of the suggested sunglasses have the full UV400 protection you need to effectively block out the sun and guard against eye diseases like macular degeneration.  They also   protect the skin around your eyes from wrinkle-causing UV damage. Oversized glasses also help guard against even more of these rays.

What’s more, while a good pair of sunglasses can be an investment—one that’s worth it given they offer more than just style, they’ve got bona fide health benefits, too—they don’t have to cost a ton to check off all of the boxes. In fact, bargain pairs can provide just as much UV protection as pricier ones.  You don't need to break the bank to take care of yourself with style.

Thanks for Reading!

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