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November 20, 2018

🍭 Do you Love your fruit-flavored drinks energy drinks?

The kind of drinks you choose makes a big difference in your health. A fruit flavored energy drink can have up to 74 grams of sugar or Over 17 teaspoons !!!!!  (8 oz. can of Red Bull or 20 oz. Gatorade has 32 grams of sugar.) If you need the caffeine boost without the sugar rush try a black or green tea instead.

Start getting into the habit of reading the labels first. If all you want is the fruit flavored drink I would suggest trying out a sparkling zero calories drink instead. You still get the fun bubbles and a refreshing essence of fruit flavor without all the sugar. 

🍭Trick out your oatmeal?

Oatmeal is an amazing breakfast option unless you buy the flavored packets, which can have up to 12g of sugar per serving. Another way to ruin oatmeal is by adding 1 tablespoon brown sugar and 1/3 cup of raisins (24g). đŸ˜«

Here is a healthier recommendation: a quarter cup of apple and a dash of cinnamon instead (3g). (Here are a few options: 1. BlueBerries: they are brainbuster, high in fibers, and help with anti-oxidants. 2. Papaya: high in vitamin c, fiber, and folates, and helps aid in healthy digestion. 3. Cherries: are rich in nutrients especially potassium, fiber, and Vitamin.)

(Eat real fruits, all fruits are high in fiber, potassium, and most are also good sources of vitamins A, C, folate, and a wide variety of phytochemicals,)

🍭Keep granola bars stocked at your desk or car? NO

The average granola based bar has about 7g of sugar but what’s worse is the lack of protein won’t satisfy your hunger for long. (Here are a healthy alternative to granola: 1. unsweetened coconut flakes 2. Dried goji berries 3.Chia Seeds contain fiber, protein, fat, calcium, zinc, potassium and vitamin B. Just add a little water, they expand and are very filling)

🍭 Generous with your dressings and sauces?

A lot of sauces and dressings are loaded with added sugar. In an attempt to make good dietary decisions like ordering a salad, for example, I would recommend opting for drizzling a little oil and vinegar or better yet, smash up 1/4 avocado as dressing instead! Adding healthy fats will satisfy you and help decrease your hunger)

Addicted to  Starbucks?

The coffee itself doesn't have any sugar, but all bets are off if you order a specialty drink at Starbucks. For example, a Grande Latte with syrup comes with 35g of sugar or a chai latte with 42g. đŸ˜±Whoa!! (1 gram of sugar is equivalent to 1/4 teaspoon. Therefore, 4 grams of sugar is equivalent to 1 teaspoon. Divide 42 grams by 4=10.5. Therefore, there are 10.5 teaspoons per 42 grams of sugar.) Why not add a little low-fat almond milk, low-fat or nonfat milk, with a Sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon or both. You still can enjoy going to Starbucks and not break the calorie and sugar bank.

There is A LOT of science showing that the more we eat sugar the more we CRAVE IT! 

Who wants to learn how to overcome these cravings?

Rachel Schwartz is a Certified Nutritional Consultant specializing in vegan and vegetarians diets. Rachel helps women get rid of unwanted body fat with less struggle. Navigating you through a confusing world of dieting while attracting a more positive lifestyle that energizes you! 

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