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July 28, 2017

Leggings that don't fit are a pain.  Sometimes you try to make them work with belts, or other ways to hide the problem, and other times they have go go back and either be replaced or refunded.  Nobody wants any of that!

We're here to help with a quick article and handy sizing chart that will help you get the perfect fit first time - every time.  

Leggings typically come in two sizing structures; Small, Medium and Large and then in a One size fit.

One rule of thumb to remember is that coated leggings like shiny metallics will generally have less stretch than faux leather leggings or even nylon leggings.  Below is more details on how different types of leggings fit.

Basic Cotton Leggings, Nylon Leggings, Polyester Leggings And Rayon Leggings

Basic leggings have a very good stretch as there is nothing on their surface holding back their motion. Cotton, Rayon, Polyester and Nylon all have different degrees of stretch and is basically your preference as to the material that you prefer on your body. These are the easiest leggings to fit.

Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings or patent leather leggings, generally give a good stretch however, the leather coating does restrict the leggings stretch by anywhere from 40% - 80%.

Leather leggings that are completely coated will tend to stretch less as compared to ones that have faux leather patches on the leggings. They are typically very comfortable and designed to fit tight.

Metallic Leggings

Shiny metallic leggings will typically fit very similar to faux leather leggings.  The coating applied to metallic leggings will generally restrict the stretch of the garment by 30% - 70%.

Metallic leggings typically use a polyester or nylon base legging and the metallic coating is applied over top. There are different styles of metallic leggings such as ones that have an animal print design. Animal print metallic leggings will have slightly more stretch (10% - 20% more) as the coating is generally has breaks in the coating providing additional stretch as opposed to metallic leggings that are a complete coat onto the nylon or polyester leggings. 

One Size Fitting

Typical One size leggings sizing recommendations are sizes 2 - 10 for most One size products. Size 12 is generally ok as well but it depends on your body type. We find that 90% of size 12 women will fit our one size leggings based on our in store experiences.

For leggings that are made One size, the typical sizing recommendations are sizes 2 - 10 (fits most size 12 as well) for most One size products.

For the leggings that come in Small / Medium / Large, we have a sizing chart that best describes what size fits into each sizing category.

Thanks for reading!