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December 17, 2017

I had a person ask me 'What's the bend over test?" the other day

Oh, how soon we forget!  In 2013, Lulumemon had a HUGE scandal happen when they used a fabric that turned sheer when you pulled on it.

And this is not just embarrassing for the wearer of the sheer leggings - it's also embarrassing for a lot of men who are good guys, and feel that they are really seeing what they shouldn't be.  And there is no way to politely tell someone you can see their backside.  It's just a bad scene all around.

Actually, that wasn't so much of a problem as how Lululemon responded to complaints.  They first told customers that they were mistaken about the problem.

Then they said the problem was women's bodies - seriously!  Really not helpful for people that are bombarded with images of airbrushed perfection constantly.  Thanks a lot!  That cost the founder his job as chairman of the company.  

Finally - finally, they admitted they had a problem with their 'supply chain' (read Chinese fabric suppliers). and offered exchanges and refunds to buyers that by now had not only sworn off the brand forever, and probably told THOUSANDS of people via social media.

So, the bend over test is simple.  All you need is some white underwear and a friend.

Put on some white undies, and then over that, the leggings you want to test.  Have your friend stand behind you and bend over and touch your toes.

If your friend sees the white underwear through the leggings material, then the leggings fail the bend over test.  They actually need to see some white peeking through the fabric - not the bumps of the outline of the underwear (aka 'panty lines').

But if you do NOT see the white panties, then congratulations!  Your leggings pass the test!

But beware!  this test is not a one time thing!  Leggings can wear, stretch, etc., and sheerness can creep in over time.  So think about testing those favorite leggings you've been wearing a lot - they may be getting old and giving way.  It does not necessarily mean you have to trash them, they may be usable in situations where you stretch them less.  So you can move them from gymwear to leisurewear, or errandwear (is that even a word?  now it is).  And they can still serve you for a long time.

Last thing - everything we sell goes through the bend over test before you see it here.  There have been a lot of good looking leggings that have come in that we were really sad to reject!  And it's another reason we're just about done with Chinese suppliers!  American based leggings understand that quality is critical to great products and happy customers.

And happy people is what it's all about!