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July 28, 2017

Who we are

We are a local, family owned company. Living on the coast in Southern California, we want to bring a little bit of the fun, healthy coastal lifestyle to everyone. Living close to the ocean, we respect the beauty and power of nature, and maintain a clean, sustainable life so future generations can enjoy life here as well.

We believe in a beautiful life celebrated with beautiful design. We are also committed to our environment and our community by continually striving to make our facility greener each day by recycling waste and by using earth friendly materials in our products.

We follow fair labor practices with all of our employees and business partners to create a sustainable work environment.

What we do

GottaSoul’s mission is to provide the best value in high quality, flattering, and hassle free health, fitness, and leisure apparel.

Our garments are fashionable, unique, and fun, but just as important, they great quality and value. Our team includes people from all walks of life that started as customers, and have become valued advisers that try and test all our offerings to ensure you love them as much as we do.

Why we do it

GottaSoul started as a way to help send our beautiful daughter through college. As we grew the business, we found that it was critical that we have a close relationship with the people that make our goods. There is an ocean of possibilities on the internet, and we are committed to our reputation of providing exceptional quality, value, and unique style. We only sell what we would own ourselves - more on that later.

How we do it

Everything we sell, we first buy ourselves. We literally search the earth looking for smaller places that make unique, innovative designs that the big factories overlook. Cool things that you won’t find in your city or on the huge internet portals.

We test materials, construction, quality, and the commitment of the manufacturer to stand behind their products.  Once the goods pass internal trials, we pass them to our brain trust of advisers – who started as customers – for real world evaluation across America.

We’re evaluating for style, comfort, design, value, and that something extra – the ‘X’ factor that makes a piece unique.

We make sure everything works as it’s supposed to, and often uncover things that cause us to drop the product. For every product we sell, we reject three.  So we are always exploring for new designs, and invite you to come with us as we constantly evolve.

Only then do we present it to you.

And it's CRAZY. There is some good stuff out there that is WONDERFUL quality, great design, and terrific style! At great prices! So great that people often don't believe it!

You deserve to have things that are great quality, are priced right, and express your individuality. So we bring it. We hope you like it!

What’s in it for you

  • Awesome products, priced incredibly well
  • Free domestic USA shipping for orders over $50
  • We guarantee absolute satisfaction on every article we sell, and back it up with a 30 Day free no questions asked return or exchanges
  • We are a family owned small business, so every order gets personal checking, review, and attention by us.
  • FREE return shipping for domestic customers



Thank you for reading!